Derek Cherven

Derek Cherven is a former United States Marine as well as a retired State Trooper for Massachusetts. He worked as a forensics analyst and earned his Certified Forensics Computer Examiner (CFCE) certificate in 2007 with the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).

While in the capacity of State Trooper, Derek Cherven was a member of the ICAC, a federal task force fighting internet crimes against children. Unfortunately, Derek was severely injured during a home robbery and was unable to continue his job as a policeman with his injured knee; he decided to retire from the force.

For the following two years, Derek Cherven worked as a crime scene investigator and forensic analyst for the District’s Attorney’s Office. In 2010, Derek used his previous work experience and began consulting for IBM. During this time, Derek learned how to protect information from cyber attacks through expertise and knowledge of networks, firewalls, and hardware.

This led Derek to the career his has today. Today, Derek Cherven is a cyber security and computer forensics expert. He works to help people and companies protect their private data as well as be secured against possible cyber attacks directed at them.

Derek Cherven strives to run a fair and honest business, especially when it comes to costs. Derek likes to say that there are three options “good, cheap, and fast,” and you can be two but not three. Anyone you ask about his work will say that Derek does the work incredibly well the first time around and takes the time to make sure you are getting the most of the services he offers.

Derek Cherven understand that most people do not have a strong understanding of cyber security and its benefits. He also states that he predicts that cyber attacks will become more frequent and more intense due to the intense growth of technology. Derek Cherven plans to mend that issue by teaching clients and bringing awareness to relevant issues so people can learn to protect themselves from those preying on the innocent.
Currently Derek Cherven is finishing a Pre-Law Bachelor’s degree at UMass at Amherst. He plans to eventually pursue a law school where he can apply digital forensics, and law enforcement to further help others. In his spare time, you can find Derek spending quality time with his family. He has found that his family is his anchor and he especially enjoys Friday night movie night with them.